Horse Shows-

We host at least four STHJA shows at Heather Ridge Farms every year. We work hard to give our local shows an 'A' show feel.

HRF also attends a lot of shows throughout the year. We go to all the other local STHJA shows, and many 'AA' shows.

Show Schedule-

*Texas Winter Series, Katy, TX: February 18th - 23rd, 'AA'

*Gulf Coast Winter Series, Gulfport, MS: March 4th - 9th, 'AA'

*HRF Mini Circuit, Corpus Christi, TX- March 22nd & 23rd, and March 29th and 30th, STHJA

*Rancho Genesis Show, Mission, TX: April 26th & 27th, STHJA

*Rancho Genesis Show, Mission, TX: May 17th & 18th, STHJA

*Heather Ridge Farms Show, Corpus Christi, TX: September 26th & 27th, STHJA

*Rancho Genesis Halloween Show, Mission, TX: October 25th & 26th, STHJA

*Heather Ridge Farms Christmas Show, Corpus Christi, TX: December 6th & 7th, STHJA

       ****** MORE 2014 Show Dates Coming Soon... ******